September 24, 2012

Far right and atheists hold small anti-Islam protest in Melbourne | Islamophobia Watch

By Bob Pitt

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The cancellation of Saturday’s planned rally in Melbourne against Islamophobia didn’t prevent people turning up to denounce Islam. The small anti-Islam protest brought together atheists brandishing signs reading “(Like all religions) Islam is false” and fascist thugs wearing SS insignia. The latter included Nationalist Alternative, a neo-Nazi group who reject opportunist attempts to win popular support by targeting Islam alone and uphold the right of white Australians to abuse and insult Muslims and Jews equally.

For a useful overview of the outbreak of Islamophobia in Australia that followed clashes between protestors and police at a demonstration against the Innocence of Muslims film in Sydney on 15 September, see “We must reject the anti-Muslim hysteria”, Green Left Weekly, 23┬áSeptember 2012

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