August 24, 2011
(Bloomberg) ENI, Italy’s biggest oil company, is lobbying rebel leaders to hold its position as Libya’s top energy producer after the end of Muammar Qaddafi’s 42-year regime.


Eni has been in contact with rebel groups throughout the conflict to ensure it doesn’t lose ground to French, U.K. and U.S. companies trying to take advantage of their countries’ air strikes against Qaddafi’s forces, said a person with knowledge of the company’s strategy, declining to be named because the information is confidential.

France’s Total SA (FP), which gets 2.5 percent of its global production from Libya, is seen as a particular threat due to France’s leading role in rallying the international community to the rebel cause, the person said. Eni has been in the country since 1959 and got 13 percent of its revenue there before the conflict.

Libya’s colonial history is relevant and there’s been a consistent pattern of post-imperial economic dependency between the colonized and the colonizer. 

Not really surprising.

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